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Ready to take your brand to the next level and leave a unique mark on the world?

With a two-pronged approach, we perform a full brand health-check, using our diagnosis to craft a completely bespoke strategy to breathe life into your brand.

At TORRIS, we know that the secret to a successful brand is to treat it as a living, breathing entity. In the same way that you wouldn’t diagnose a houseplant with thirst but then neglect to water it, a brand analysis must be followed through with a meaningful and actionable brand strategy in order to keep the brand growing and thriving. That’s where we come in. A boutique branding agency made up of a network of talented creatives, you could easily say we’re a club rather than an agency - a club of Marketing and Brand strategists, former top marketing executives, Digital and Social Media Gurus, Storytellers and UX architects. Together, we leverage our combined years of experience and diverse areas of expertise to give your brand the care it deserves. Not just to tell you what’s wrong, but to be there to help fix it for you.

About us.

branding agencija, marketing, savjetovanje, marketing strategija
branding agencija, marketing, savjetovanje, marketing strategija



Derived from the latin verb torrar, the noun TORRIS translates into English as ‘firebrand’. The word encapsulates our agency’s mission in two ways:

1. In times long since passed, a piece of wood would be lit in order to create a firebrand that would leave a lasting mark wherever it was placed. Fast forward to present day, and whilst the original usage is somewhat obsolete, the very same concept still applies to brands. We believe that every business has its own unique mark to make on the world, but it is only the hottest brands who consistently keep their fire burning that have the ability to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of their customers.

2. In modern parlance, the term ‘Firebrand’ refers to a passionate person who may enact change in a particular cause; someone who is known for being wildly devoted to a cause or idea. TORRIS agency is built up of a group of visionary creatives, fearless innovators who refuse to accept the status quo and know that there is always a new, better way of seeing things. Our passion is what drives us to push the boundaries, think beyond the predictable and deliver you a brand with the power to spread like wildfire.


Why Branding Boutique Agency?

We are small and we want to keep it that way. Why? Because it allows us to give our undivided attention to our clients, working on fewer but highly selected projects and delivering first-class results that we can be confident will surpass your expectations.

By keeping our focus razor-sharp, we are able to offer a fully personalised approach and take a deep dive into your brand ecosystem, identifying problem areas and providing solutions for success through inspired branding.

branding agencija, marketing, savjetovanje, marketing strategija


What makes us different?

We don’t like to work on a brief-campaign basis.

We work on a problem-solution basis; you bring the problem, and we provide the solution.

Whatever challenge your brand is facing, we can help nurse it back to health by analysing, diagnosing and prescribing a brand strategy that’s carefully tailored to the individual needs of your business. Perhaps a tactical campaign will be part of this, but maybe the remedy is simply a change of target audience or a switch in channel focus. What’s more, we know the importance of not throwing the baby out with the proverbial bath water. If there is an area that is working brilliantly for your brand already, we will ensure this is highlighted and incorporated into your new strategy, to make sure you continue to benefit from the hard work you have already put in.

Our job is to identify what needs fixing and to put in place the necessary levers to help your business grow and evolve.


When to call us?

Ever had the feeling that you know something needs to change, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is? We’re true believers that a problem shared is a problem halved, so get in touch if….



Knowledge is power, but knowledge and experience is powerful. As a team, we have amassed some serious years in the field. Our expertise transcends a broad range of industries at local, regional and global levels, and by this nature we are perfectly positioned to scale your brand both on the local market, and at an international level if required.


Want to build a rock-solid brand that connects with your target customer and earns their love? Our branding experts are ready to get stuck in and deliver a unique, distinctive brand that grows symbiotically with your business. First things first, we complete a full brand health check and diagnosis, assessing your current brand positioning and highlighting challenges and blockers that are preventing further growth. We use market benchmarks, competitor analysis, and research, combined with our knowledge, experience and creativity to create the best branding strategy for your business.

You could be looking for help with repositioning an existing brand or perhaps you’re entering a new market, either way the concept remains consistent; to craft a brand identity that connects with your target audience and brings them along on your journey. So whether you’re 1 month old or 10 years old, we’ll tailor a results-driven solution to help you achieve your business goals.


branding agencija, usluga branding agencija, analiza branda, savjetovanje, istraživanje tržišta, istraživanje konkurencij, rebrendiranje


When it comes to digital, the ever-growing and rapidly changing landscape can be overwhelming. To help demystify your digital dilemmas, our services span the full spectrum of channels. We offer an in-depth analysis of your digital footprint, starting from your website and expanding into social media and digital advertising communication. Based on our findings, we will propose improvements and can help you implement them by taking care of website design, mobile app design or UX design improvements, utilising our network of digital specialists to ensure the highest quality of work.


branding agencija, marketing, strategija za društvene mreže, digitalni marketing, dizajn web stranice


Sometimes, you just need a fresh pair of eyes or a helping hand to support you or your internal teams in their marketing and branding efforts. We speak that language, and can get involved not only strategically but operationally if needed. Send a challenge our way and we’ll eagerly step up to the plate; challenging projects add the fuel to our fire at TORRIS! Our experts have a huge amount of experience of working with different agencies and Boards, meaning that we can seamlessly immerse ourselves in your unique company environment. Oh, and did we mention - we’re obsessed with ROI and ROAS ;) We also offer Fractional CMO service and C-level profile which can help in defining your marketing strategy and making it actionable, mentoring and managing the company’s marketing team, and helping to drive sales growth.


branding agencija, marketing, marketinšo savjetovanje, direktor marketinga, marketing strategija, koordinacija timova


Supercharge your content strategy with our carefully curated network of talented copywriters and storytellers. You set the goals and we provide the rest, including:

Usluge stvaranja sadržaja

branding agencija, copywriting, kreiranje sadržaja za digitalne kanale, seo optimizacija


Pricing model


Our prices are set in one of two ways; project-based or hourly rates. Get in touch today to talk through your requirements and receive a proposed cost breakdown for your project.

We’d also like to draw attention to our special offering for female entrepreneurs. As an agency that is founded and fueled by talented and tenacious women, we are big believers in the fight for gender equality. But talk is cheap and so we decided it was only right to put our money where our mouth is. That’s why, if you are a female entrepreneur, we offer specially discounted rates to support you in building your business. Because equality of opportunity means room at the table for everybody.

We are (most likely!) the world’s first and only boutique agency offering gender-based pricing.

What does gender-based pricing mean?

We know how difficult it is to build a business from scratch. Unfortunately, if you’re a woman, it can often be even harder.

As a female-founded agency, we wanted to help other women in business, specifically small businesses and start-ups where the stakes are high and the first couple of years are tough. That’s where the idea of gender-based pricing was born. The concept is simple; the price of our services will reflect the difference in the salaries of women and men in the EU. Currently, this difference amounts to 13%. Put bluntly, this means that for the same position in the EU, women are currently paid 13% less than men in exactly the same role. (source link)

To account for this unfair discrepancy across the board, our services will be charged at a 13% discount for businesses founded by women within the last two years. We believe that this is not only right, it is vital in order to take a small step towards levelling the playing field.

When the gender pay gap ceases to exist, our prices will be the same for everyone!

More info about regulation on temporary measures.

What does gender-based pricing NOT mean?

Whilst we pride ourselves on our support of female entrepreneurs, we are keen to stress that our agency is open to everyone. Gender-based pricing does not mean that we only work with female-founded businesses, nor that we put more focus on certain businesses than others.

We hope this measure will not discourage others, but rather promote awareness within businesses who share the same values of inclusion, fairness and equality that we do. By choosing to work with TORRIS, regardless of the market sector or size of your business, with our strategic approach, knowledge and expertise you can rest assured that the goals of your business will be met, while at the same time supporting the development of a more fair society in which everyone gets an equal opportunity.





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