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What is Storytelling and Why is it Important for Your Brand to Have a Story?

While there is a clear definition of what storytelling is, there is no agreement on which approach is the best. What is agreed upon is that storytelling is essential for every brand. We humans are emotional beings, and one of our basic needs is to connect through a story. That's where storytelling comes in.

Storytelling is essentially the use of narratives to create emotional connections based on specific values that link your brand and your customer. In the context of a brand, it doesn't just mean telling a story; it means defining the identity and purpose of your brand through a story.

Why do you need to have a story? 

As with most things in life, people are more likely to make decisions based on emotions. Sometimes we can't even explain why. Perhaps the emotion we feel reminds us of a memory, or it appears as a solution to a problem that challenges us with negative emotion. In any case, it leads to the creation of a connection.

The initial reaction to your logo, product, packaging, message, or service must evoke positive emotions. In other words, your customer must see the emotion they will feel if they choose your brand. The marketing team's task is to devise a strategy to achieve that emotion. You need to know what your audience feels, what troubles them, and how they feel about it. That's where the story is built.

što je storytelling

How do major players evoke emotions?

An important aspect of storytelling is that the focus of the narrative is on your customer. How do they feel when they use your product or service? In some cases, that emotion doesn't have to be directly related to using your brand, but you have to stand behind that emotion. You need to authentically convey it.

Do you remember Coca-Cola'sChristmas commercials? Of course, you do. Those commercials mark the beginning of the Christmas season, lights become justified, you can freely play Mariah Carey, and think about what to buy if you're a Secret Santa for a particular person. This is an excellent example of how emotions work. Coca-Cola is not just a beverage; it's an emotion, happiness, warmth, togetherness.

Or consider Nike. They evoke emotion without mentioning their brand or offer. They want to sell their brand to a sports enthusiast and know exactly which emotion to evoke. They can make you feel the same emotion as someone who scores a goal after so much training or how much it hurts when you miss the deciding basket in the last seconds. Maybe you've never been in that situation, but you'll know exactly how someone who has feels.

What is storytelling?

So, what is storytelling? Storytelling is your way of telling a story about your brand. It's your opportunity to tell people who you are and why you're special. If you pride yourself on years of experience and quality, you want your audience to feel trust in you. You want them to think, "Look, these guys have been here for 15 years. There must be a reason for that." You are a brand that can be trusted. If you're new to the market but bring freshness and expertise, you want people to feel that expertise. Through the story of your brand, you want to showcase your professionalism, knowledge, and authority. You want to convince people that if you confirm it, it must be true. That's what storytelling does.

If you don't know where to start with this part or are unsure how to achieve the emotion you want, feel free to contact us. Your story is important, and we can help you tell it in the best possible way.

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