5 Rules of SEO Optimization That Can Significantly Improve Your Website's Ranking

SEO optimization is a vast field that involves editing website content and technical elements, and it's challenging to cover it all in just 5 rules of SEO optimization. However, what we can do is cover the basics that are easy to implement and can make a big difference in your website's ranking on Google. You can start with these today, unless you're reading this blog very late, in which case you can start tomorrow.


These rules pertain to blog optimization, and don't underestimate their importance. Google thrives on content, and even if you think no one reads blogs anymore, that's not true. Google reads them and uses them when it receives queries from its users. The more you help Google answer user questions with your blogs, the more Google will favor your website. For us, blogs have been instrumental in achieving excellent rankings for key TORRIS-related keywords in a short time. So, let's get started.


5 Rules of Blog SEO Optimization - An Example 

To make these steps easier to understand, we'll use this very blog you're reading as an example. Pretty clever, right?

  1. Keyword or phrase selection: In this case, it's "5 Rules of SEO Optimization". Ensure your chosen phrase is not overly long. "5 Rules of SEO Optimization" It's better to position yourselfwell on specific keywords before advancing to broader ones, as high competition on a keyword makes it more challenging to rank first.
  2. Phrase appearances: Your chosen phrase should appear in several positions, as you can check in this text.
    1. Title: "5 Rules of SEO Optimization" That Can Significantly Improve Your Website's Ranking
    2. URL: torrisbranding.hr/5-pravila-seo-optimizacije
    3. At least one subheading: "5 Rules of SEO Optimization" - An Example 
    4. Within the text: This depends on the text's length, but aim for at least three appearances without it sounding unnatural or obvious. It appears six times here. Did you check?
    5. In the first sentence: SEO optimization is a vast field that involves editing website content and technical elements, and it's challenging to cover it all in just 5 rules of SEO optimization. "5 Rules of SEO Optimization".
    6. As the alt description and title of at least one image in the text.
    7. Inside the META description.
  3. Links: It's advisable to have at least one external link in your text (in this case, it's a link to TinyPNG and Google Search Console) and one internal link to another source on your website. Here, we've included a link to a blog where we've written about SEO optimization as it's relevant to the topic.
  4. Images: Insert at least one image within the text. Provide a title and alt text and reduce its size to improve page loading speed. You can do this on the TinyPNG)
  5. Google Search ConsoleA few days after publishing your blog, you can check if Google has indexed it. If not, you can subtly remind Google to index it. The indexing time depends on various factors, but this is a way to expedite the process. To do this, open the platform, place the link to your blog in the search bar, and if you receive this message, click on "Request indexing."

5 pravila SEO optimizacije

And that's it. You're ready. Pay attention to the things you appreciate as a user and include them in your blog. Use text formatting like bold for easier reading, subheadings, and so on. If you have questions or want more content like this, follow us on our LinkedIn profile, write, and comment. We're here for you :)

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