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Brand Campaigns Then and Now - Evolution of Marketing

Investing in brand campaigns has always been important, but in today's world, where we're surrounded by an increasing number of brands, greater choices, and intense competition for our attention, brand campaigns have never been more crucial. 

Renowned giants like Coca-cola, Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, Starbucksa, Amazona and Ikeadidn't become powerhouses by chance. They understood the importance of investing in campaigns that would shape how the public perceives them from the very beginning.


How did brand campaigns look in the past? 

Before the dominance of mass media, brand marketing tactics were tailored to what we now refer to as the "offline" world. From traditional advertisements, word of mouth, sponsorships, organizing presentations, events, and more to the early days of print, brands built their presence. With the invention of television, brands gained a powerful visual channel, changing the rules of the game.

With television came commercials, and creativity became more critical than ever. The extent to which a message grabs attention, what people talk about, and which product they remember in the store began to determine a brand's success. Beyond ads, brands started appearing in movies and series, showcasing how they fit into people's lives. Then the internet elevated everything.

branding kampanje, evolucija marketinga, torris branding

How do brand campaigns look today? 

With the rise of the internet, branding underwent a revolution. It's no longer just about billboards on the street or TV commercials. Every interaction on social media, every blog post, every newsletter, every response to a review - all of these shape the impression of a brand. The digital age brought a significant democratization to the marketing world, where even smaller players can reach a global audience. It all boils down to creativity, courage, and understanding what your audience needs.

Brand campaigns today are not just about a product or service but about a story that connects the brand with the consumer. The virtual experience is becoming as important as the physical one. Brands compete for our attention, but more than that, they want us to be emotionally connected.

It's easy to conclude that brand campaigns will always be a crucial part of business development. Consumers are not just numbers; they are people. And people need something more, something they can deeply connect with. That's exactly what influences their purchasing decisions. If all of this seems too challenging, and you're not sure where to start, get in touch. Our job is to tell your story in the best way possible.

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