kako mjeriti brand awareness

Measuring Brand Awareness: How to Measure Brand Awareness?

In the business world, measuring brand awarenessis a somewhat challenging discipline. Unlike sales, where measurement methods are often clear, there is no single universal metric for assessing brand awareness. In this blog, we will explore five key metrics to track when evaluating the success of a brand awareness campaign.

How to Measure Brand Awareness?

It's essential to know what to measure and why. You must have a clear goal for your campaign – what would be the evidence that more people have recognized or heard about your brand? After determining your goal, choose a metric that will demonstrate your success:

  1. Market Research: For a substantial campaign, investing time, energy, and budget in both pre- and post-campaign research is crucial. Explore how your audience perceives you and how that perception changes after the campaign, preferably with specialized research agencies.
  2. Website Visits: Focus on direct search, gauging the increase in people proactively searching for your website. This indicates that they discovered your brand elsewhere and actively sought out more information.
  3. Keyword Searches: Monitor the rise in searches for your brand name or keywords you're promoting during the campaign. This reveals whether your campaign has captured the audience's attention and interest.
  4. Sales: A clear increase in sales during the campaign is a strong indicator that your brand has been noticed. To attribute these sales to the brand awareness campaign, ensure other variables remain constant.
  5. Social Media: A surge in followers and engagement on social media clearly indicates heightened brand visibility. People habitually check social media for everything, including exploring new profiles they find interesting.

kako mjeriti brand awareness

Every Campaign Influences Brand Awareness

Every campaign you run is a brand awareness campaign, impacting how your brand is perceived. However, the effectiveness of each cannot be measured using identical indicators. While sales are often viewed as the primary goal of a campaign, it's not the sole measure of success. In fact, every sales campaign is also a brand campaign, but the reverse isn't necessarily true. If you need guidance on this, feel free to reach out. Establishing a robust analysis is crucial for optimizing your current campaign or ensuring each subsequent one delivers even better results.

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